Alisal: The Man Behind the Name

By Nick Leon

My favorite author Ray Bradbury once wrote: “Everyone must leave something behind, something your hand touched some way. It doesn't matter what you do, so long as you change it from the way it was before into something that's like you after you take your hands away.” When he moved from Argentina to California in 1978, Alisal Builder’s founder, my father Martin Leon, dreamed that he would one day make such a change on his new home. He found inspiration in his great grandfather, Carlos Casado del Alisal, another dreamer and pioneer who succeeded in creating a lasting legacy in a new land.

Carlos Casado del Alisal was born in Spain and set sail to Argentina during the land rush of the mid 1800s. He thrived in this land of opportunity and went on to found one of the first railways in South America, organize Argentina’s first agricultural exports back to the old world, and establish cities, ports, banks, and schools throughout the region. In his later years, he donated vast wealth and property back to these communities he helped create, communities that thrive to this day.

Carlos Casado not only changed the community he lived in but also left a legacy that would one day inspire his decedents. Three generations later, Martin was driven to leave a lasting imprint on his new home just as his great grandfather had done before him. He established Alisal Builders hoping to build exquisite homes that, through timeless style and artisanal craftsmanship, would stand the test of time.

Today my brother Jacko and I have the honor of carrying on this tradition, striving to leave a legacy in our community with the same energy and spirit that Carlos Casado del Alisal did generations ago.

A statue of Carlos Casado del Alisal by Eduardo Barnes in Rosario, Argentina.

A statue of Carlos Casado del Alisal by Eduardo Barnes in Rosario, Argentina.

Nick Leon